Directional Drilling

For utility installations under roads, streams, rivers or other sensitive areas, GM Contracting offers comprehensive directional drilling services. Through the use of its directional drills and special drilling heads and stems, GM Contracting can drill under obstacles and effectively steer the drill head under ground. The use of sensitive locating equipment allows GM Contracting to know the precise location of the drill stem at any given time.

During the process, crews will drill, underground, from a starting point (entry pit) to the predetermined ending point (exit pit). This is called the pilot bore. At this point, depending on the diameter and length of the new installation, crews can attach the new pipe to the drill string and pull it back into place with minimal surface disruption! For larger installations, a series of reaming passes may be required to enlarge the borehole in order to accommodate larger diameter pipes and longer installations.

Directional drilling is different from other forms of trenchless technology because of its steering capability. With years of directional drilling experience, GM Contracting is able to precisely control the path of the pipe installation while avoiding underground utilities and obstacles, and eliminating surface disruption. Pipe installations up to 48 inches in diameter and lengths up to 3,000 feet are possible