Pipe Bursting

Through the pipe bursting process, GM Contracting is able to replace failing sewer and water mains up to 36 inches in diameter. During pipe bursting process, a pneumatic hammer is pulled through an existing fracturable pipe, such as clay or cast iron, with a winch system. As the hammer is pulled through, its pneumatic action breaks apart the existing pipe while pulling the new pipe in behind it. This process allows a new pipe to be installed in the exact path of the old one, with only minor excavations. GM Contracting can install pipes of the same or larger diameter through trenchless pipe bursting.

GM Contracting also utilizes static pipe bursting for the replacement of small main sections and sewer laterals. During this process, static force is used to pull a bursting head and new pipe through the deteriorating main or lateral line.

Pipe bursting services from GM Contracting begin with proper planning and site evaluation. During a job site walk-through, GM Contracting crews will evaluate soil conditions, host pipe materials, depth requirements, length of run, etc. to determine the proper tool selection for the job site.

GM Contracting is Southern Minnesota’s proven source for pipe bursting services.